Friday, July 16, 2010

We survived!!!

Well we survived our vacation for 6!!!!  We traveled 3318 miles in 10 days and our car looked like it!!!! The kids had crazy fun.  While driving all over the place I read a couple of books about organizing.  Now that I have 4 kids living in this small house it is more important than ever to get this house under control.  We'll be starting school back up soon and I need to have us in a place where we can focus!  Auston will be starting high school, which is kind of scary to me, but I know he (we) can do it.  I'm also purposing to be more consistent in writing this blog, because, frankly, I need an outlet!  I hope you'll read on the days when it's boring LOL.

So the first book I started reading was called Homeschooling at the Speed of Life.

In it Marilyn Rockett talked a lot about balance and organization.  She really puts it in a perspective that made me think "I can do this!"  and let me tell you - I am NOT an organized person AT.ALL...  ;P  She talked about the realistic side of the idea of touch it once, and everything has a place and everything in it's place yada yada yada.  Included with the book is also a CD-Rom that had a whole bunch of forms for helpful use.  Reading this got me more in a mind set of a plan of action....  which brought me to the next book I began reading while on vacation:

In this book she actually takes a different task per month and breaks it down into week tasks to get your house under control in a year!  Now I'm well on my way.  This month is the address book, photos and stuff like that.  I'm trying to do the whole month's tasks even though it's the middle of the month already.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

Regardless of any of all of this I have a new found passion to try to get things under control here.  I have really realized that when the house is chaos I am really cranky, and that's not the kind of mom I want to be or the kind of wife I want to be.  I need to help my kids and husband to understand how to help me too, and I realize it will be a learning curve, but I'm gonna give it a whirl!  Wish me luck!  :)

I wish I could post really cool pictures from our vacation, but I have to refrain from any with the babies in it until they're adopted.  I can't WAIT for that to be done!!!!!

That's about it for tonight....  Talk to you soon :)

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