Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ever feel like time is just flying by?  Wednesday of last week my husband was put on special assignment, which required him to go to night shift with no days off.  When we got married (a LONG time ago) he was on night shift and remained on night shift for the first 12 years of our marriage.  It's only been recently that he has been on days and I finally feel like we have a *somewhat* normal life.  I never tire of him coming home in the evening for dinner.  I may be tired when I get up with him in the morning, but I count it a blessing.  So, this week he's been on night shift and I'm reminded of just how much I love day shift!  I feel like we are just ships passing in the night.  We've had very little conversation, because he's just too dad gum tired, and I'm trying to keep 4 kids quiet during the day.  I'm ready for this to be over now LOL....

Which got me to thinking about time, and how fast it flies.  It seems like just yesterday we brought Auston home from the hospital.  The cat didn't know what to do with him, and quite frankly, neither did we!!!  We were scared to death.  But I can see it like it was yesterday.  Now he's almost 14 and turning into a man.  Ugh.  We start high school this year and that makes me realize that in just a few years he'll be off!....  What will I do without him here every day?  I can't even bear the thought.  I know I have to let go, and I have to be strong for him, and I will, but inside I'm just trying to grab hold of time and slow it down.  When I was growing up my parents couldn't wait to get me out of there...  I can't imagine that.  And Greg is right behind him, growing up WAY faster than I want him to.  He's interested in girls, and I mean REALLY interested, and starting to pull away from mom a little.  What?  WHY?  I didn't authorize this!  He's supposed to be my baby!!!   And then there's the chick, who is just 18 months old and acts like a 3 year old....  Um excuse me- I got you so I could have a baby again...  Quit growing up so stinkin fast!!!!  And you, Mr. Goat....  Don't even get me started!!!  You are not allowed to follow suit with the rest of these traitors..  You, my precious baby boy must remain just that- my precious baby boy....  Do you hear me????

Why are they not listening to me?????

So, today, on GratiTuesday, I am thankful for the time.  I'm so very thankful that I can stay home and be here when my family needs me.  I am thankful that I can take my husband lunch at his extra job.  I'm thankful that I can homeschool my children and spend that much more time with them, because even though I am right here all the time, I still feel like I'm missing stuff.  I'm thankful that for the most part my kids want to be with me, and I hope that never ever changes.  And yes, I'm thankful that they're growing up.  I know.  Surprising, huh?  I'm thankful that they're growing up because they're really great kids, all four of them and I just know they are going to do really great things.  They make me so proud.  They have incredible hearts.  I just hope I'm half as good as they are.

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  1. You offer the perspective I know will be my own in a few years... continue counting your blessings...


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