Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday- Adoption Story Part 9

If you’ve been following along so far, it’s been a wild ride!  Nearly 2 years after Shea came to our home and 18 months after William came we finally went before the judge to finalize the adoptions.  It was so important to us that they have this day to share with each other.  We really pushed to have their adoptions take place the same day, and now we were able to realize that goal!

The day of the adoption was an amazing day.  We invited our close friends and family to share with us, and were so blessed by all who came….

Me holding William while attorney asks me to testify

Michael with Shea during testimony

Before we went into the courtroom our attorney took us into a room to sign papers and go over what was going to happen.  He verified information with us, and told us he was going to ask me the bulk of the questions.  He went through the questions he was going to ask us as we testified.  I remember him telling me the answer to all of the questions is “Yes” except the first question when he asked my name.  He told me not to freeze up on my name.  I laughed and he smiled.  When we got before the judge and he asked me to state my name----- ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS YES!!!  LOL  I finally remembered my name and we went on with the testimony Winking smile

I have no idea how long the whole process took because it’s still a blur to me.  I just remember the judge commenting on how lucky these babies were to have us and so many people who love them…

Everyone who came to supports us on adoption day!

Can you believe that crowd?  It was truly amazing…..

But, this story is not complete without me telling you about Shea’s first foster family.  Over the almost 2 years from when Shea came to our home until our adoption there was not one person who I felt truly understand where we were with her than Dave and Misty.  Misty has been my friend and my should through this whole process.  Dave and Misty have been supportive to us, and in my heart and mind are Shea’s other mom and dad.  With the finalization of our adoption we didn’t just gain 2 babies, we gained more than that.  We gained Dave and Misty and the kids too.  I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through all of the scary parts without Misty, and I can’t even put in to words how much their continued support and friendship means to us.  We owe where Shea was in her healing to them, and we understand that she experienced a loss when she left their house to come to ours and we are so glad we are able to continue a relationship with them.  It’s good for Shea, it’s good for them, it’s good for us.


So, this concludes our foster story, but the real fun is just beginning Smile  It’s now been about 6 weeks since the finalization, and we had a service at our church praising God for the gifts of these two babies.  It now is beginning to feel real.  Just today I got a call from the therapy place and their names are now changed with Medicaid.  In just a few short months we’ll get their new birth certificates.  And, as I get ready to start planning for Christmas, I don’t have to worry about court, or CPS, or wonder if they’ll even be with us.  They will!  Forever.  I’ve finally started telling them we’ll be there for them forever, never could do that before.  And, as time goes by I am noticing more and more walls come down as I’m able to be their mom the way I know in my gut is right, not worrying about what CPS says is right.

Yes, it’s good to be a family of six.


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