Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GratiTuesday- Adoption Story Part 6

The story begins Here- and continues Tuesdays and Thursdays....

Here we are with a VERY active 10 month old baby girl, and CPS is asking us if we want her baby brother, who was born premature and is currently in NICU.  We had to really think about it, because Shea commands a great deal of attention herself.  I wasn't sure, honestly, if I could handle them both.  But, we prayed about it and really asked got to give us direction.  Our intent has ALWAYS been to be obedient above all else.  With in about 2 days we knew we had to take him too.  Already, we loved him because he was a part of Shea.  Time went by and we didn't hear anything from CPS.  We still didn't know for sure if we were going to get him.  So much is always up in the air with CPS.  It's truly a lesson in patience ;)  About 3 weeks after he was born I began to nest.  Weird, huh?  I cleaned my house from top to bottom.  Rearranged my bedroom, cleaned the baseboards, etc.  Put the pack and play in my room for him, "Just in Case".  I started seeing boy clothes everywhere, premie stuff.....  I was still not sure we were going to get him, and still not sure we could handle it, just leaving it totally up to God.
It was a Monday, about 5:30pm.  My sister in law called and we were talking and she asked if we'd heard anything, I told her no, and it was after 5 now, so I didn't expect to hear anything that day.  As we were talking the call waiting beeped.  I looked, and it was my agency.  I told my sister in law I better take it.  It was my case worker, and she asked me, "Are you ready for your world to change?"...  I said, "It depends, how is it going to change?"  (This is a very valid question when you deal with the system!)  She said, "Wanna get the baby brother tomorrow?"  I told her I had to work, but I could get to the hospital by about 3ish, if that was ok...  but wait, I don't have another car seat!  She said she would go buy us a car seat and go to the hospital early because he had to have a car seat test, which would take a couple of hours.  So, if she got there early he'd be ready to go when I got there.  Shen gave me the number to the nurse in charge and I called the nurse to get any information I would need for the next day, and gave her all of my information.
I went to Walmart and bought some outfits, diapers, more bottles, smaller bottles, premie pacifiers, another diaper bag etc...  I came home and packed up the diaper bag for the hospital, because I just had no idea what I would be leaving the hospital with.....  I remember taking the diapers out of the package and about passing out.  If you've ever seen a premie diaper you know what I'm talking about.  It was SO tiny!  I quickly became terrified!  Could we do this?  Oh well, too late now!!!!
The next day I went to work, with almost no sleep.  I told my boss I had to leave right on time and why.  They all prayed for us...  Word traveled fast through the school, and when classes were over one of my former students' parents came and asked me for the keys to my car.  I asked why as I was handing them to her and she told me she had bought me a double stroller!  She told me the minute she heard the news this morning God told her to buy it for me.  I was SO grateful.  Another parent of one of my students brought me a gift bag of items and told me her daughter was a premie and it was very scary, but not to worry, I wouldn't break him.  If I needed anything to just let her know.  Several other parents expressed their joy and prayers for us.  It was truly amazing.
I drove straight to the hospital and got there right about 3.  My case worker met me outside and paid the valet parking.  She walked me up and I signed in.  I remember being terrified as I walked into the NICU.  I had no idea what I was walking in to.  Everyone was smiling at me.  I remember seeing William for the first time.  He was so beautiful I just cried.  What an honor to have God entrust this beautiful child to us as well.


To be Continued.....


  1. I'm enjoying reading your story Sem. You are one energetic mama and impressive writer as well. These adopted children of yours are so fortunate that you and Michael were willing to take them both, simply because they are biological siblings - they will treasure each other all the more when they are mature enough to understand. Thanks for writing!

  2. So honored to have been the caseworker in that story.


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