Monday, December 31, 2012

It’s here!  It’s here!!
I don’t know whether to be nervous or excited LOL!!
(Note:  I’ve extended the sign up for the Run Streak until January 7, but you must start running January 1…  Just want everyone to have a chance to sign up!)
I decided to host this run streak in November when I was getting to the end of my training for my Half Marathon and was getting weary.   I have learned that the best way to keep running consistently is to constantly have a goal that I’m working towards.  I have learned that if I don’t start formulating that goal as I near the completion of the current goal it is that much harder to remain consistent.  So, as I was growing tired and weary with all of the long runs etc., as my body was beginning to constantly ache, as the thrill of just “getting out there” was beginning to waiver (I think these are all normal things to happen at the end of a tough training program) I knew I would need to do something.  I also know that I don’t like cold.  If I could get away with it I would never leave my house if the temperature was below 50.  Seriously.  I just want to hibernate when it’s cold LOL
So, with January approaching, and even Houston get’s cold in January, and the completion of my half marathon in December, I knew I’d pretty much take the rest of December off after the half…
Now the time has come to get back out there!
Some of my goals for this Run Streak are:
  • Get running again
  • Let go of the need to run 3 miles every time (thereby giving myself an excuse when I don’t have enough time for that)
  • Increase my endurance for consistent running (I’ve gotten really good at stopping every 3 minutes to walk!)
  • Improve my 5K time (I’ve got my first 5K of the year scheduled for the 9th of February)
  • Inspire others to run!
What if I’m new to running? someone might ask…..
It is not necessary to be a seasoned runner!  There is no distance requirement.  The goal is to lace up your shoes every day and run!  I discovered this past week that twice around my block is just over 1/2 mile.  Good to know for a day when I have ZERO time (or motivation)….  I’m sure you’ll see a workout or two with that route this coming month….
If you’re just starting to run this is perfect for you!  You can determine to run maybe 1 or 2 minutes consistently the first week and build up! 
I’m running a marathon (or other big race) this month…  what about rest days?
If you’re running a big race, or in the middle of a tough training schedule that calls for rest days you can use your own judgment on whether to run.  I would say walking on a rest day for a short period of time is ok.  Do remember, though, that distance is not an issue on this, so you could easily run to the mailbox and back to make it count…
Here are some things some of our other runners have said they want to accomplish:
“To get at least a mile in each day.”
“I need motivation”
“I've been slacking. 3 half marathons coming up so that SHOULD be enough motivation, but alas....”
“Run 10K no walking”
All great goals!  Together we can motivate and inspire each other to do great things!
Here are the sign up pages-
Don’t forget to Like Nailing Jello on Facebook!  That’s where we’ll inspire each other and check in to say, yes, it’s fine, we ran today Winking smile

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