Friday, November 23, 2012

January RUN STREAK Sign Up Starts NOW! (Free Level)

It’s time!!!
We’ve had our fill of turkey, pie, potatoes, etc.  Now it’s time to start thinking about our goals for 2013, and what better way to start the New Year off than with a bang!
This page is to be used to sign up for the FREE Level for the RUN STREAK.  No prizes will be sent, but I hope that you will join in on facebook to give and receive encouragement!  If you’re looking for the Medal Level Click Here.
The Rules are simple:
  1. Sign up between November 23 and January 7 (but you must start running every day beginning January 1) using the forms provided, and pay (If participating in the Medal Level)
  2. Share with your friends, running groups etc. The more people playing the more fun we’ll have
  3. Like my page on Facebook to get all of the updates and encourage each other to make it the full month!
  4. Get Ready to RUN!
  5. Beginning January 1, you must RUN every single day.
  6. Walking does not count for this challenge.
  7. There is no required mileage, or time. If you run around your block you run around your block. If you run 5 miles you run 5 miles. If you run 5 minutes you run 5 minutes. The challenge is to RUN EVERY DAY.
That’s it! Why are we doing this? Well, for several reasons.
  • We want to kick the New Year off right!
  • To say we did it!
  • To know we can!
  • To set an attainable goal and accomplish it!
  • To break down the walls that keep us from running (Not enough time, it’s too cold, I need a rest day, insert your favorite excuse here)
So often I talk myself out of running because I don’t have time to do the mileage I want. Why? This challenge is about encouraging the new runner and the seasoned runner alike. We’re running for the love of running. If you’re doing another race in January, great! That counts. If your participating in another virtual race you just got double duty! If you just need to remember why you loved running before you started that grueling training plan, this is for you! Don’t delay, sign up now while you’re thinking about it! Winking smile
If you’re looking for the Medal Level Click Here.

On January 1 we’ll kick off our streak with sharing pictures of us running New Years Day.  Some of you have talked about running at Midnight!  I’d love to see pictures, and get an account of how you started your 2013 journey!
Thanks again for joining in with me on this crazy idea Winking smile

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