Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Race Recap- Santa Hustle

The day after the Day After the End of the World Half Marathon my BRF Jessica and I were scheduled to participate in the Santa Hustle with our kids….  We thought of it as a recovery workout, and because we had all 6 of our collective kids we knew the pace would be a s-l-o-w walk for most of the distance.  This was totally fine with us.  After completing the Half Marathon we were pretty much there for the Santa Hat, shirt, beard, and the cookies.  It took us just shy of an hour to complete the 3.1 miles…  LOL   Smile

A couple of our friends from our Katy Chapter of Moms Run This Town were there for the Half Marathon, and we were lucky enough to catch up with 2/3 of the ladies and snap a picture before they started off….

It was really great to meet up for a brief moment with Laura Beth and Cheryl, Laura Beth has been such an encouragement to me through out my journey to running…  We missed Antoinette, and I was so bummed later when I found out she was there and I didn’t get to see her….  

At the start they made the announcement that they had over 1,000 racers signed up for the Half Marathon and over 2,000 signed up for the 5K, making the Galveston Santa Hustle the largest Inaugural Hustle ever…  yay!  hopefully that means they’ll be back! 

Here’s a picture of the 5K start…  The Strand looks so cool with all those santas!  I just feel bad for the lady in pink LOL

The race course was great, effectively taking the 5K’ers from one side of Galveston Island to the other.  It was great to turn around at Pleasure Pier, and the kids were excited to see the ocean again Winking smile

Auston rocked the course, decided last minute to really run it, and managed to come out 10th in his age group and 57th over all, and with a PR to boot……  IN  RED SKINNY JEANS!  LOL

This race wrapped up my goal of participating in 12 organized races in 2012, and it was number 14!  LOL….  It was sort of a last minute thing to sign up (we decided in November we just couldn’t miss it)…  I’m really glad we did.  It was a blast and I’d definitely do it again.  It was well organized and a great way to spend the weekend before Christmas with my kids.  My only complaint would be there wasn’t enough Christmas music on the course….  I thought there would be more.  But, whatever, it was still fun!  Smile

Me and my 4 kids <3

Is that not the cutest little elf you’ve ever seen????

Jessica and I are pretty cute too Winking smile

My boys looking fly in their Santa garb LOL

The kids took turns in the stroller LOL

I think this is my favorite picture…  Jessica and Jordan dancing post race Smile  <3

Merry Christmas!

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