Monday, December 05, 2011

Menu Monday- 12/5

Ok, so last week they changed to the 2012 points plus.  Except not until Friday…  Our leader warned us, but while she was talking it was like on Charlie Brown when the parents speak…..  Waw Waw Waw Waw Waw Waw Waw….  I assumed it was going to happen on Sunday.  I did catch the part where I would likely have less points to use each day…..  I have mixed feelings on this.  When I really think about it, the weeks that I have shown a loss I have had at least 20 points left over.  I have known this for a while now.  And, generally speaking that’s my goal, but since I HAVE those other points, when I eat every last point and don’t show a loss I get really really frustrated.  So, for me, I probably actually NEED this change.  I’ll get used to it.  And in the general scheme of WW changes, this is MINOR.  We also all need a kick in the pants every once in the while, and change, while uncomfortable, is GOOD.  Oh- so my point about it happening on Friday instead of Sunday was…..  I went to put my food in on Sunday and I suddenly had MINUS 27 POINTS!!!  It took me almost all day to realize why…  I know, I’m quick, huh?  I guess while she was talking I didn’t realize they would take them out of the weekly points.  Which, of course they did, since I had ALREADY EATEN THEM ALL….  LOL…  Obviously, I didn’t stay within range last week to begin with, and with the additional points taken it looked pretty bad.  I honestly don’t think it was THAT bad, just looks that way Winking smile  We’ll see how this week goes.  It’s going to take some adjusting for me.

So, my goals for this week are:

  • Stay within my points range
  • Figure out what the Activity point goal is that they are talking about online and purpose to hit it.
  • Fruits and veggies, veggies and fruits
  • Water (it’s hard for me to get my water and fruits and veggies in when it’s cold because I REALLY don’t like to be cold.  I could be happy drinking coffee ALL DAY to stay warm…..)

Here’s my menu plan:

Monday: Chili to Warm You, Fritos, Cheese

Tuesday:  Mostaccioli Hot Dish, Garden Vegetable Soup

Wednesday:  Snack Dinner

Thursday:  Chicken and Crab Gumbo

Friday:  Chicken with Scallion Sauce, Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Saturday:  Kids Eat Pizza, Me and the hubs for a date night Smile

Sunday:  Taco Soup 

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