Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!



It’s Christmas Eve!  It’s Christmas Eve!  Santa comes tonight!!!  I can hardly wait!  For the first time ever we’re going to the Christmas pageant at our church (we’re usually in Conroe at the Mother in Law’s, but my husband had to work all night last night and has to work this morning too, so it wasn’t possible this year) and I’m pretty excited!  I have to be, because I am determined not to be frustrated that my husband is working so much this weekend…..  He’ll be at the bank this morning, and then he’s going to bed.  I’ll wake him up in time to go to church with us and then we’ll come home, read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, let the kids open their PJ’s present and get them on- take a picture of them ready for Santa and then send them to BED!  While the husband is sleeping/working today I’ll be baking cookies with the kids, and watching Christmas movies, and tidying up the house…  You KNOW Santa doesn’t come to a messy house……

I wish for each of you who read my blog and/or are part of our lives that you will find the wonder and the magic of Christmas.  As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Santa, and y’all know I do…..  the magic is in the gift of Christ and the He is the Light of the World.  I pray your heart will be transformed this Christmas by the absurd love that our God and our Savior have for us!

Coming up next week- I’m planning some changes for the blog for 2012, and I’ll have my annual recap of the year and resolutions/goals for 2012 post Smile

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