Sunday, November 11, 2012

Race Recap- Gritty Goddess

Last weekend my BRF and I spent the weekend in Galveston and participated in the Gritty Goddess, a 5K Mud Obstacle course that was touted at one that any Goddess to could do. 


From the first obstacle we were pretty confident that the advertising on that was true Winking smile  We both had a waterproof disposable camera, and this being an untimed obstacle course, we decided to each pose at the obstacles and take pictures. 

At first, because Jessica is definitely faster than me, she was ahead of me on the obstacles, so we got lots of pictures of her behind……

But, being the smart girl that she is, eventually she said, “Let me run to the front of the obstacle, take a picture of you and then I’ll run back around and you can take a picture of me LOLOLOL….  There was an option to skip all of the obstacles, so this was very easy to do…

Most of the obstacles were really not that difficult at all, which at first was kind of disappointing, but in hindsight I think it was actually a great race for our first obstacle course.  And, the people at Gritty Goddess DID advertise it that ANYONE could do it.  We just built it up in our brains. 

This one caught me off guard….  See the ladies behind me?  They’re PUSHING ME OVER IT LOL…  It had an outside shell that spun around and I fell on my BUTT LOL…..

My two favorite obstacles were the “Precious Cargo” and the MUD of course Winking smile

Oh, and surprisingly I enjoyed the walk through the lazy river.  It was early in the race, about half way, just as we were starting to get a little warm.  I did not expect the water to be as cold as it was, but it was actually nice Winking smile

All in all, it was a really fun race, and a great way to spend the weekend before our birthday.  Would I do it again?  Maybe…  except they changed the dates to warmer months, so probably not.  Was it a good experience?  YES!  Was it was was advertised?  Mostly…  Temptation Island was lacking a little, but that was one good cookie I ate…  LOL….  If you have never done a race like this and you want something a little more adventurous I totally recommend it….  Even if you’re not a runner….  Walking was totally allowed…..  Winking smile

And, I’d do just about anything with my BRF Jessica Smile

Next up for us….  THE COLOR RUN!  Smile

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