Friday, November 30, 2012

November Foodie Pen Pal Box Reveal!

Recently I heard about Foodie Pen Pals.  A couple friends on Facebook were revealing the boxes they had received and I was intrigued…  I mean we all KNOW I love food, right?  How did I not know about this before????

So I went straight to the blog who’s owner organizes it and signed up.  Immediately upon arrival at The Lean Green Bean I became excited to get going on the box.  She emails a spreadsheet at the first of the month and you have until the 15th to get the box out (after emailing with the person you’re matched with to get a feel for what they would like).  Because this was my first month I was actually matched with two different people.

The person I SENT to was so sweet.  I actually got my box out a few days late (I CAN’T BELIEVE that happened), because my kids were all sick the week before it was supposed to go out and then I got sick!  UGH…  But, Emily was very kind about the whole thing.  Sorry Emily!  This was very humbling for me because I am a person who really has a thing about being on time….   AND, I was in such a hurry to get it to her I didn’t take a picture before I sent it!  But I actually had fun picking out items for her box.  I will admit it was a challenge, because she is gluten free, paleo, and allergic to chocolate….  The chocolate part was the hardest for me because I love chocolate so much and sending love that doesn’t include chocolate took some rewiring Smile  Gluten free was no big deal because I have a friend who’s husband is a Celiac.  Anyway, I do hope she enjoyed her box as much as I enjoyed finding items for it Smile

Now for MY box…


This is what it looked like when I opened the box…  Now when she asked what I liked best I said, Chocolate, or Coffee, or chocolate with coffee LOL…  As you can see she got the message on the Chocolate LOL


She included some delicious coffee and even a new mug for me to enjoy it in (and it’s just the right size----big Winking smile ), a couple of different kinds of hot chocolate… YUM…  That chocolate bar was eaten within the hour, BTW..  I LOVE Dark Chocolate Winking smile  The muffin mix was so great because my box arrived the day before William’s birthday, so I made muffins for his birthday breakfast Smile  Then she added in this chocolate peanut butter stuff.  O….M….G….  I’m really not sure it’s good that she did that……  We may have awaken a monster in me…  LOL…  And a funny on the Triscuits- I never mentioned anything about Triscuits, but I really love them..  The garlic ones being my favorite.  I’ve eyed the Rosemary ones many many times and considered buying them, but haven’t because I ultimately buy the garlic ones.  These Rosemary ones are fantastic!  I bought some garlic cheese to go on them Winking smile and YUM… 

So all in all I have a WONDERFUL experience with Foodie Pen Pals and The Lean Green Bean.  I will definitely continue to participate in this program.  I’ll have to wait until January to get another box, though, because she’s doing a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims in December.  If you’d like to participate in that, go to The Lean Green Bean and check it out Smile

I’d also like to say thank you very very much to Emily and Leigh-Ann for making my first experience with FPP a great one!

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