Thursday, September 29, 2005

She swings.... And she misses....

My trip home to see my childhood friends was wonderful, and it reminded me that I am so very blessed to have them. There is something different about friends that have known you your whole life. They hold a special place, no matter where you are, or how often you keep in touch, it is awe-inspiring that we as a group of friends can just pick up like we just saw each other yesterday and know that the others will be around forever.

So I came home Tuesday and hurricane Rita was headed straight for my house!! We spent the next few days preparing. Have you ever thought about how well 2.5 million people can evacuate in 2 days? Let me tell you... Not well!! We decided to hunker down and ride out the storm because we are 63 miles inland. Thursday my sister and her kids and dogs and cats (one of whom was pregnant) and birds and tyrantula came to stay at our house for the storm. To say the least we were a bit crowded!! Even more crowded the night Rita was supposed to hit because we were ALL in my not so big bedroom!! As I went to bed it looked like Rita would hit to the East of us, but Galveston and Port Arthur had exactly the same percentages of probability, and either way Rita was big enough we figured we would still get something. I went to bed not knowing how long I would sleep. Got up in the middle of the night and checked, Rita had hit Port Arthur, but was still moving NW, so I figured we were still in for it. Saturday rolled around and all we ended up with was a little wind, and I still need to water my lawn! So Saturday afternoon they all packed up and went home. I still haven't gotten my house totally back together! LOL!!

Anyway, I wanted to share a consiracy theory with you. Ok, let me preface this with the fact that I have never really bought into conspiracy theories as a rule, but my husband is the king of them! The other day I was watching TV and a commercial came on for the new show Commander and Cheif with Gina Davis. Now don't get me wrong, this looks like an excellent show that I will probably watch, but I just have to say something that strikes me as odd. Ok, let me also preface this with I do not subscribe to any particular political race, and pride myself of voting on the issues, not the party. That said, I have to wonder: Did the democrats fund this show to ease the country's concerns about a female president? I mean, think about it... We have a couple of years until the Presidential election, and Bush's approval rating is waining a bit... Now what if they got the country ok with the idea and then BAM through Hillary in there!? You watch, mark my words... This is bound to come out eventually!!

Ok, that is all I have for today, obviously I have been married to my husband too long, hurricanes are unpredictable, I like my sister better at her house, and I am proud of my childhood friends...

Y'all take care!

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