Sunday, January 20, 2013

Run Streak Check In


The medals are in and ready to go out in the mail…  Many hours have been spent on the road, in the gym, in our backyards this month tackling this run streak. 

When we started this run streak I knew it would be a challenge, but I really didn’t anticipate the extent of the challenge.  I reasoned with myself that I didn’t have a set distance per day, so it would be no big deal.

Over the last 20 days I’ve learned a lot.

  • It’s good that I didn’t know how challenging this would be……  The same could be said for my Trail Half Marathon…..  Or else I might not have done it…
  • When I commit to a challenge I commit….  no matter how much it hurts….
  • My life has a way of taking over and it’s hard to keep my own goals a priority
  • When I don’t stay on task I get overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Sometimes my run is the only goal I accomplish in a given day
  • I prefer to run in the dark…  where it’s harder for other people to see me…
  • I actually LOVE running in the fog.  If I can’t see more than 10 feet in front of me I really get in the zone.
  • I don’t like running when it’s too cold. 
  • I need a goal to keep going…  and more specifically I need more than one goal, a short term and a long term goal so I always have something further to work for.
  • I really enjoy the act of running when I’m done LOL
  • I have come to really like the feeling of “runned on legs”  It just makes me smile all day Winking smile
  • When I start my day off with a run it seems to go smoother.  When I put my run off until later in the day it just hangs over me all day long.
  • I really crave and enjoy the camaraderie that running provides through other runners.  Runners are seriously some of the most encouraging people I know.
  • I do lots of crazy things with my BRF Jessica Smile

What have you learned over the last 20 days?  Have you grown over this period?  Has it challenged you?  11 days left and we’re in the home stretch!

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