Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foodie Pen Pal Box REVEAL

I have been participating in a program called “Foodie Pen Pals” since November.  Because of Christmas, the December boxes were not boxes, so this is actually my second month to participate in the program.  I will admit, it has challenged me more than I expected it to to shop for a box of food for someone I don’t know.  The first month I was matched up with someone who had a lot of dietary restrictions and that was REALLY difficult to do, but this month I was matched with someone easy like me.  I hate to admit it, but this being only my second month, I think the box I received was a lot better than the box I sent.  I feel bad about that, but I’m still learning.

Anyway, the program is a lot of fun, and if you’re interested in signing up, just head over the the Lean Green Bean and sign up!

Now for the box I received!

When I first opened my box I knew there was going to be some good stuff in there, simply by the way she packaged it….


We’re supposed to send something written with our box, and both boxes I’ve gotten have had a short note in them.  I think this is probably what usually gets sent, since that’s what I’ve sent both times too….  Anyway, in the note she explained that she picked all foods from around her area and told me where each food was from in relation to where she lives.  I LOVED this idea and I’m totally stealing it for next months box Winking smile


I’d like to tell you that I shared the goods with my family, but I did not.  I actually consumed the buckeyes within 5 minutes of opening the box LOL….  So yum!  Actually, that’s not totally true, I used the pasta sauce last night and I haven’t used the BBQ sauce or mustard yet.  All in all, it was a great box and it is so fun to try foods from other places Smile

So thanks Hannah for the great box!

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  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Those sugar cookies are soooo good! My husbands family sent some to us from Ohio.


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