Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Monday- 4/16

Sorry I missed last week.  We got food poisoning on Saturday, all FOUR of the big people did, the babies were left to their own devices!  My house is STILL a mess, as I’m still climbing back out of it!!  It’s amazing how being sick for a couple of days threw off my whole house of cards!  This is just another piece of evidence that I have too much going on.  The good news is that we have 4 weeks of the classes that the boys go to on Tuesdays left, and 3 weeks of Bible Study, so our schedule is about to calm down Smile  We….can….make…!!!!

I also haven’t done a real shopping trip in a week and a half, and didn’t even plan the menu last week.  You can imagine what that’s doing for the budget…..  So, today, we’re getting back on track Winking smile

Monday:  Ham, Mashed Potatoes (Easter Dinner that never got cooked)

Tuesday:  White Castle Burgers

Wednesday:  Snack Dinner

Thursday:  Split Pea Soup, Rolls

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  BLAT Sandwiches

Sunday:  Chicken Dinner in the Happy Pot

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