Sunday, March 04, 2012

Menu Monday 3/5

Went grocery shopping with my sweetheart last week, and really enjoyed having him go with me.  We’re at a place where I just really, really like to be with him, no matter what we’re doing Smile…  We didn’t spend a whole lot because I had a lot of stuff already on hand, but he did get to see that even with the very little that we bought we still spent some cash!  The one thing I AM doing is trying to avoid the store if it isn’t our grocery trip.  I make one trip to the store last week without him because we ran out of bacon and I needed it for the soup, but I bought the bacon, cream for my coffee, and milk.  I made it a point to not wander so I didn’t fill my basket up.  I only spent $16 that trip which I think is a record!!!  I also have a built in cheap night with our Soup and Bread series during Lent at church.  I’m cooking several of the nights, but soup, so that’s fairly inexpensive Smile  And, having the boys make Pancakes on Monday worked out very well last week, so I think we’ll keep that up for a while Smile and that should also help to lower our grocery spending Smile

Here’s the menu for this week:

Monday:  Pancakes, Fruit Salad

Tuesday:  Turkey.  For Real.  I swear!  LOL  I actually remembered to get it out, but it still isn’t thawed, so it will be ready by Tuesday to cook, I’m sure Smile

WednesdayCauliflower Cheese Soup for the Lenten Series at church

Thursday:  Date Night…  I hope….  Freezer food for the kids

Friday:  Pizza

SaturdayTater Tot Casserole

Sunday:  Left Overs

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