Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Here we come!!

Ok, a few days ago I posted a recap of 2008, and I think that will be something I try to do every year. It was great to "relive" the year!!

A friend of mine suggested that she is doing several categories of "Goals" instead of resolutions this year. I liked that idea, so I am working on my goals too. One of my goals is to keep up with my new blog: "Pictures of Jello: A Picture a Day for 2009" Be sure to check that out! Here's what I've got so far:

Goals for Grego:

    Keep his room clean

    Be more independent

    Master multiplication and division

    Begin Acolyting

    Finish all cub scout pins

    Give him an allowance

Goals for Auston:

    Get him through Pre Alg and 1st of Algebra I

    Help him learn to organize his room

    Get him to use his agenda to organize his life

    Teach him to mow the lawn

    Have him do his own laundry

    Give him an allowance

    Help him learn to stay on task with school work

    Get him to the rank of Star in Boy Scouts

    Earn 10 merit badges over the course of the year

    Teach him to keep his room clean and organized

General Goals:

    Go the entire year with NO Overdraft Charges

    Build and maintain at least $1000 in savings

    Pay off 2 credit cards

    Get a second car

    Get licensed for foster care

    Adopt an entire family for Christmas

    De- Clutter- fly lady style

Personal Goals:

    Keep my nails painted

    Lose 50 pounds

    Wear makeup

    Wear perfume

    Get dressed every day

    Do something special for my husband at least once a month

    Do something special for each child at least once a month

    Read 5 books

    See 5 "chick flicks"

    Keep one day a week with nothing on the schedule

    More "Me Stuff"

    Keep up with Pictures of Jello Blog

    Blog more in general

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