Tuesday, December 09, 2008

God is SO good!

I just have to share this! I was praying today at school for God to show me the way again- the money thing is stressing me out with the things we have left on the foster stuff. Well, I had gotten a quote from a plumber at $125 to inspect our gas and I was freaking a little about that... Guess what?! I got an email from him today that said if we are financially distressed he could give us a better rate!!! Talk about a direct answer to prayer! God is SO good! So, we're on track for our home study in January and I have a list of things to finish up by then... :)

As I was praying today, I just wanted to confess to y'all, I was telling God how at times I'm just really excited, and I know He has already annointed a child for us and that is very exciting too. But at other times I'm very overwhelmed. I get selfish thinking of how easy things are now- I can tell the kids to fix their own lunch, I can leave them home for an hour or two... Do I really want to start over again??? But, I know this is God's plan for us- it certainly wasn't my idea! And every time I start to have doubts and pray about it God gives me a very clear answer that this is what He wants me to do. So, I'm sure. And I know that He will equip us to do whatever He calls us to do (just like homeschooling LOL), but I just wanted to confess my fears to y'all since you have all been so supportive.

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