Sunday, January 22, 2006

And They're Off!

Well, it finally came. The 2006 Pinewood Derby Race. Last year I did most of the construction of Auston's car, and while I don't think it came in actually dead last... Ok, I think it did come in dead last... He did win most colorful. So he was proud of that. This year we had TWO cars to make, since now Grego is a scout too. Couple that with the fact that I am the den leader and the pressure was on! Michael actually jumped in this year and did a majority of the construction. But oops.. There was that little tid bit about not sanding down where the axles are that I forgot to mention... So, we actually had to construct Gregory's "Silver Bullet" TWICE! Yeah, we realized the wheels were not going to go on the night before the check in and test night! It all turned out ok, though, as you can see. Auston's was the "Street 2 Football". Both were very proud of their cars and we as parents were too...

The night before the races they have test runs and you can check in your car if you want. Well, we ran both cars down the track and Greg's did ok, but Auston's wasn't so fast. So, I took it aside and adjusted it and we proudly put it back on the track...... Well.... now it didn't even make it to the finish line! Oooooopppssss..... Well, one of the guys helped me out and readjusted the wheels and then Auston's other den leader got there and we promptly added some good old graphite lubricant and they were both much faster.

Now, in order to race the car has to weigh in at 5 ounces or less. So, when I got there both cars weighed in at exactly 5 ounces. I told Michael that I was going to go ahead and check them in that night if they were that close because I didn't want a piece of dust to fall on it or something and have it be over in the morning. One of the other fathers was there with his and his were weighing in at exactly 5 ounces too... I was telling him I was going to get mine running good and get them checked in so I didn't have to worry about them weighing in over the next day. Well, they all laughed and thought that was just so funny.. Then as the other parent was checking his in... it weighed 5.1! I told them "SEE! That is the dust!!" He ended up having to pry a tail light off to get it weighed in!

Anyway, race day we get there and as we are driving up Auston says, "I'm not going for speed, just most colorful". I was glad to hear that since we didn't do so great last year! Well, Auston ended up getting 2nd place in the Bears Den and Most Colorful! Gregory got 2nd place in the Tigers Den, Most Colorful, and Best Theme.

All in all it was a great day!

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