Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good-bye 2005!

Well, I am sure it is probably the theme for most people, but I figured I would write a best and worst of 2005 today.

First the worst:
Finding out my mom's boyfriend is verbally abusive and possibly dangerous
2005 was the 5th anniversary of Ashley's death
Gained too much weight!
The last few months I spent teaching
Our failure to keep up with home repairs LOL!

Over all, I have to say not too bad!

Now the best:
Finding Melaleuca and becoming a Marketing Executive
Beginning to rebuild my relationship with my mom
Deciding to stay home regardless of the financial consequences
My best childhood friend finally kicked her abusive boyfriend out
Volunteering at the school and with Cubscouts, over all being more involved
My children are thriving very well, they both received the Superstar award again this year
My relationship with my husband has grown by leaps and bounds
Planting my first letterbox
Our trip to Disney World!

Now, my goals and dreams for 2006:

Keep my focus on family and get back in church on a regular basis
Acheive atleast Director 3 status with Melaleuca- higher would be better!
Attend Convention in August for Melaleuca
Go on a cruise with my husband for our TENTH anniversary!
Take my family to the Grand Canyon, and begin our goal of visiting every single state
Rebuild my relationship with my mom
Move my dad and little sister to Texas!
Get my house clean and maintain it LOL!
Reach my goal weight and maintain it!
Pay off all credit card debt and begin paying our car off
Begin some much needed home maintenance and repairs
First on the list: Air Conditioner
Then Deck, back yard, then painting
Plant a vegetable garden
Show my children that they are the most important things in the world to me!
Show my husband that he is part of me, he is my rock, my best friend, my better half, and make a point every single day to show him I appreciate him
Continue voluteering
Manage my time better!

Ok, I think that is a good list to start with! Here's to your 2006, and I would love to hear your resolutions too!

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