Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, the reality of running my first 5K all the way through is here!  I’m scheduled to run a 5K on Sunday, May 20.  I’ve now walked several, and run/walked a couple, but this time my goal is to run the entire thing.  I’m currently on Week 7 of the Run/Walk 5K Training Program, and by the end of this week will be up to 30 minutes of continuous running. I really wasn’t sure I’d ever get here.  It has been quite the journey.  I have to say at this point I am beginning to enjoy running, and actually miss it when I am not able to get a run in in the morning.  It really seems to set up my whole day.  I’m in a better mood, and just generally feel better when I run in the morning.

And Guess what???  I got an added motivation at my weigh in at Weight Watchers this week!!!  I passed the 30 pounds lost mark!  If that doesn’t keep me going I don’t know what would!!!  Winking smile

I am a member of Daily Mile and have been since I started walking last year.  I really love this website, because I am very visual.  I can look at my training in several different ways and it helps to motivate me.  You can also be friends with people on there and see what others are doing….  And, I’ve been looking over my training logs and it was very encouraging to me to see just a few short months ago I was running one minute intervals and posting that I felt “BLAH”….  I’m actually quite proud of myself for continuing after post after post of feeling “BLAH” after running….  Eventually I started putting that I felt “GOOD”… and now almost always it’s “GREAT”…..  Of course there are days when it’s not, but most days I really feel great after my runs Winking smile  I’m really trying to get my husband running too….  So far I haven’t been successful, but I am still trying Winking smile

Speaking of motivation, I want to direct you to a blog I’ve been reading.  A lot of the time when I’m running I feel like a big ball of fat with flailing arms and legs rolling down the trail…..  Nice visual, huh?  It’s taken some serious mental talk to get past that and just go.  One day I was playing around on the internet and I found this blog and it is very inspiring to me.  It’s called Runs for Cookies.   I love the title because it describes me LOL  I definitely eat my activity points LOL…  Anyway, she lost over 100 pounds running, and for me, it is motivating, because it really isn’t easy at all to run with extra weight.  I can’t wait to post before and after pictures like hers.  Check it out and tell me what you think!  Winking smile

My last tidbit for you today is focus.  I know that when I’m focused on losing weight, I do.  When I’m focused on exercising, I do.  When I’m focused on cleaning the house, I do.  Figure out what your main objective is for the Month of May and put your focus on it.  See what kind of results we have…..

Have a great week Smile

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