Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Monday- 11/14

Have you missed me?  I’ve been so busy, I’ve hardly had a second to think! It’s been a weird couple of weeks on WW for me, because I’ve been doing the T-Tapp Boot Camp, and she doesn’t recommend that you diet during that.  So, I’ve eaten whatever and haven’t counted points.  It’s been weird.  I have gained weight, but she also says that will happen- between 5-7 pounds of muscle the first 2 weeks.  I’m not concerned.  Know why?  Because she tells you to take measurements and focus on the inches lost instead of the scale.  And, while I’m watching the scale…… go up….  I’m focused on the inches, and I also went down a size this week in my jeans------ TO A SIZE 12!!!!  Yeah…  Speaking of focusing on the inches, I measure again tomorrow, but the first week (which was actually only 4 days because I didn’t measure until 3 days in) I lost a total of 8 1/2 inches!  Curious where they came from?

Area to Measure Starting Measurement Week
Inches Lost
Bust/Chest 40 39 1
Pecs 36.5 36 .5
Ribs 33 32 1
Waist 35.5 34 1.5
Abdomen 39 39 -
Hips 46 45 1
Up Thigh -R 28 28 -
Up Thigh –L 28 28 -
Low Thigh -R 21 21 -
Low Thigh –L 21.5 21 .5
Calves -R 16 16 -
Calves – L 17 16 1
Upper Arm R 14.5 13 1.5
Upper Arm L 14.5 14 .5


I’m eager to measure again tomorrow!  I finish up the boot camp Wednesday (missed a day this weekend because I was sick) and then I move to every other day on the work out.  It will actually be weird to not do it everyday!  I mean, really, it’s only 15 minutes, so it isn’t really a big deal to do Smile  I’ll also resume counting points on Thursday, having finished the boot camp.  I’m staying focused on the inches right now, so I’m not real concerned with the scale….  I do, however, believe that I still need to watch what I eat, because I know I am a person who responds negatively to too much sugar/starch and who has some problems with mindless and/or emotional eating.  I need to deal with this as well as getting my body in healthy shape.  Smile

Enough rambling…  Here’s the menu:

MondayTaco Soup, Churros

Tuesday:  Date Night/ Totinos for the kids

WednesdayItalian Cream Cheese Chicken

Thursday:  Clam Chowder/ Rolls

Friday:  Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese for the Birthday boy!

Saturday:  The Great Turkey Experiment at a friend’s house Smile

Sunday:  Snack Dinner because we’re up at the church for the Advent Conspiracy Smile

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