Thursday, December 03, 2009

Random Arrow

In the Bible in 1Kings there is a story about King Ahab. In the story Ahab is just screwing up all over the place and not doing what is good in the eyes of the LORD. Well, he is about to go into battle. He asks King Jehoshaphat to go into battle with him. Jehoshaphat agrees, but only if they consult a prophet of the LORD. So King Ahab has all of his prophets tell him they will win the battle. Jehoshaphat doesn't buy it, and asks if there is a prophet of Yaweh available. Ahab says there is one, but he never says anything good about Ahab, so he doesn't listen to him. Well, this prophet says that Ahab will die in the battle.

They decide to go into battle anyway, and Ahab convinces Jehoshaphat that he should wear his royal robes and ride in the chariot and Ahab will go in disguise. The fighting begins and they begin to attach Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat cries out and immediately the soldiers know it isn't Ahab and go away from him.

Then a random arrow flies through the air and hits Ahab between his armor plates. He bleeds to death.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as I read this account and then did my bible study homework I was preparing for the Guardian Ad Litem's assistant to come and meet the chickadee and talk to me about her case. I had a lot on my shoulders, knowing that this could be a turning point in our case to keep our baby. As I went through my bible study the question was asked, "What did you learn about God's sovereignty in this story?"..... And it hit me! God's will is God's will. No Man can stop it. When man tries to get in the way of God's will a random arrow flies through the air and hits someone between the armor plates.

Since the chick stepped into our house we have prayed God's will over her. We have prayed God's will even when it looked like that meant she was going to Dallas, we have prayed God's will NO MATTER WHAT.

In November we had a court date and the parental rights were terminated and they are transitioning her to adoption. After the court date I asked the CPS worker who's side she is on. And she said she thinks she should go to Dallas, so that was where she would probably be going. It wasn't over by any means, but pretty bleak looking.

But God.

FOUR days later the worker called me. There was a random arrow. A baby born. And she prayed about what was best for the chick and she CHANGED her mind! She said she had it approved for her to move into adoptive placement with US!

Another foster mom said to me one time "You never understand what it means to walk completely dependent on God until you do it. Then you learn. You think you know what it means to depend on God and all that, but you don't. Not until you do it." And she was right.

Through this whole saga it has been a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns and we are soooo not through yet. But through it all we have walked it with God. We've been in constant prayer. We've seen Him work in our lives and it has been a blessing beyond anything we've experienced. I knew as I sat in that court room that if I had to give my daughter up I could do it because she had been completely covered in Prayer and I had faith in that. But I never stopped praying. And I'm still praying. Praying and praising.

When you think you have no where to turn, no one to run to
When you think you've done all you can
When you think there's no hope at all.....

Just remember

But God.

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