Monday, June 19, 2006

Remicade and book thoughts...

Well, I made it through the Remicade infusion, and had to work Scout Camp all week. I thought for sure I was going to throw up on Monday, but I made it. Dr. Berman asked me if I would like to increase the frequency of my infusions and I said no, but did let him fill out the paper for the handicapped placard for my car. 31 and I can park in a handicap space. Nice. He then suggested that he do cortizone shots in my knuckles, because my index fingers are not behaving nicely (read don't close all the way). Well, that sounded like so much fun I decided to wait on that too. The thing is (aside from the fear of the pain having the shots will inflict) I am not sure of the long term affects of that. I think I read somewhere that that could speed up the process that ultimately disintegrates your joints. So, I need to read up on that a little. As a rule my doctor is pretty conservative, but I also know he felt sorry for me not being able to close my fingers, and this is just about the only option I have left. So....
Anyway, I enjoyed Scout Camp thoroughly and will plan on volunteering next year. I met a wonderful lady, who is a writer and mom of SEVEN! She also homeschools and she was like the calmest most laid back person I know LOL!! HOW does she do that? Anyway, she has some books out that are worth looking at. Not being mormom myself I believe I will start with Make me a Memory, though the Molly Mormon series does sound kind of good to me LOL! Maybe because I grew up in Utah, and therefore can relate to that lifestyle? I don't know. At any rate check out her website: . I am also toying with the idea of going back to my book. I actually started writing it about 3 years ago maybe and got away from it. Well, lately, it seems like God may be calling me back. (This is how I am now a homeschooler too LOL) Anyway, it is on marriage. I find it strange that I have been thinking about it lately, and then I work all week at camp with a writer, and then I read on one of my email groups and one of the ladies is considering divorce. Hmm.... Whoever said there is no such thing as coincidence? So, I may fire up the old computer and see if I can get that file off of it. I better have the fire extinguisher handy, though, cause it has been a while since I turned that computer on LOL!!! In the meantime I am going to begin a blog, where your comments are welcomed!

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