Monday, June 04, 2012

Menu Monday- 6/4

It’s June, it’s summer, and it’s hot in Houston!  Holy cow it heated up quick!  It’s time for me to return to my quick meals that require no baking and little time on the stove…..  I love a good salad, so that’s good at least Winking smile

Speaking of Salad, I had the Southwest Chicken Salad last night, and it hit the spot, as always.   I really really like that salad, but I have to be careful not to over make it…  So this week I will make another of my favorites, Layered Salad.  Pioneer Woman introduced me to this salad, and my life is completely changed LOL  Winking smile  If you’ve never had it, you must make it.  Be aware, though, it is better if it has had time to sit in the fridge, so if you’re going to make it for the evening you really really need to make it first thing in the morning, or better make it the night before. 

Here’s the menu:

Monday:  Sausage, salad, Tiramisu

Tuesday:  Junk food dinner Winking smile

Wednesday:  Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs

ThursdayLayered Salad, Grilled Chicken

Friday:  Pizza Night

Saturday:  Party at a friend’s house Smile

Sunday:  Chicken Dinner in the Happy Pot

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