Thursday, January 03, 2008

January 3, 2008

The Arrow

After almost 8 hours of wrapping thread around the arrow- it is done. Auston will receive the highest award in cub scouting on the 19th- the Arrow of Light. This arrow tells the story of his Cub Scout experience. He began scouts as a Wolf, so the first thread is blue for Bobcat, then Red for Wolf. Next there is a gold and 2 silvers for the arrow points he earned as a wolf. Teal is for Bear, then grey for his whittling chip and another gold arrow point. Webelos is tan, followed by Red,white, and blue for the Texas badge, Dark Green for Leave No Trace, Purple for World Conservation and Light Green for Outdoor Activity award. All of this followed by 20 Black for each Webelos Activity badge he earned. That would be 20 out of 20! and finally golden yellow with a white stripe in the middle for his Arrow of Light. He hasn't seen the arrow, and he wont until it is awarded to him on the 19th.

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