Friday, September 22, 2006


Ya know, it's funny when you are feeling well you go and go and go and go!!! I haven't updated in a while, and I am sorry. Things seem to be calming down a bit here as we are getting settled into the school year, so I will try to do better, I promise!

After my healing experience I had a period of time when I was again in pain. It was about 3 weeks after my Remicade treatment. I found myself feeling very discouraged. I kept praying, because I really felt like I was healed. I have to wonder if others have had this happen? Well, I continued praying and ultimately decided that my medicine is doing very little if anything for me at this point, so I have stopped taking everything. I know this is NOT going to go over well with my doctor, and I really haven't told anyone yet. It started when I was having another bad day in a string of bad days. I was in Midland and called my Dr. He called in a pain tab for me (I forget what it was called now) and I took one before I went to bed. Then next day I was sick to my stomach all day! I threw the bottle of pills out. I felt so horrible! I felt so bad I wasn't able to take anything that day. Ironically I started to feel better the next day with no medication. So I thought I would just wait to see if I needed any Ibuprofen or what not. Well, so far I haven't needed it and it has been a couple of weeks now. So, I may be taking a huge risk, but I have to wonder if God made my pain come back to tell me that the medication is not what is help me, but He is? I could be just totally off my rocker, but I am really trying to listen to Him more and follow when he leads me. Things just seem to work out better that way. So, currently I am off all medications and I am claiming my healing! God is healing me. God is working in me. I know, because I am not this good of a person on my own! LOL!!

So, in other news, we have started our homeschooling year and it is going pretty well so far. Again, that for which God has called you to do He will equip you to do. I know that He is with me because I have been so at peace with this decision. I also know that He will equip us financially because he is blessing my business and I am experiencing a good amount of growth right now. It truly is amazing what He will do for you if you just ask.

He is also healing my relationship with my mom. She is trying to come for a visit in October. She is having a hard time getting the time off from work, but she is working on it and that means the world to me. We need each other. I need her. I know she needs me. We just need to find that again. Something really spoke to me in my bible study on Thursday. Don't forget that you are forgiven. But also, don't forget that you HAVE forgiven. Wow, that was just what I needed. I need to let go of past hurts even more with my mom and just continue to try to push forward.

Which brings me to another cool thing in my life! My boys go to an enrichment program on Tuesdays. They had a welcome brunch for the moms. There was this one mom that I just knew we were going to be friends because we have the same very cool jean purse! LOL!! Well, we did in fact start talking and her son Andrew is in Gregory's class. As we were talking she told me about a bible study she is in that is an intense study of the book of ACTS and there is a homeschool class to go along with it where the kids are studying the same thing as we are, but on their level. Well, we started attending that on Thursdays and I am really loving it! It is just what I need! And the kids are loving it too!

So, so far all is well around here! Mikey is turning 35 tomorrow and I am having fun talking about what an old man he is. Which brings me to my final thought. There was an officer shot yesterday here in Houston. He leaves behind a wife and 5 children. Click here for the news story..

Most days I am at peace with my husband's job, but times like this especially when it is so close by make it harder to deal with. I am especially thankful that my husband is still with me today, but it is a reminder to us all not to take that for granted. Your prayers for the family are appreciated and pray for all of our first responders and military personnel as well as they are all put in harm's way every single day.

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