Friday, August 11, 2006

Back to the Doctor Again

Well, I had my scheduled appt with my Rheumatologist this week. I was very concerned about telling him about what happened in church because I just wasn't sure how he would react. Well, I have been feeling great! I have had very little pain and very little stiffness and my energy is returning. So, I told him all about it. He then examined me, and looked at my fingers and he could hardly contain himself?! He couldn't believe the difference from when I had seen him just a couple of weeks earlier. He said he was very glad that I went to the healing service and that it appeared to be working. Before I told him about the healing he was talking to me about raising the Remicade dose again or going to another option entirely. After examining me he suggested that we do the same dose this time and see how things go. We may discuss reducing my dose next time! I even responded to the Remicade better this time. What I mean by that is normally I sleep most of the day after my treatment and I am pretty out of it. Well, I only took a short nap in the afternoon and I was actually able to do some work! I give all the glory to God.

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