Monday, April 24, 2006

"Not all the Popo are good"

That was in an email about the petiton to stop the sale of the 25-life video game. To sign this petition, go here Can I just take a minute and get on my high horse? If any of you that know me or my husband have any respect for us at all, please do not EVER use this language in my presence. It is extremely disrespectful and I take offense. Also, I would highly recommend that you NOT let your children play this game (for obvious reasons).

Can I just say that no, not all police officers do a good job, and yes there are crooked police officers, who of course, get all of the media attention. My response to this lady was that there are people in every walk of life and every profession that are "crooked". There are bad sales people, bad mailmen, bad teachers, doctors, and even bad drivers. This does not, at any time, give anyone the right to shoot them!! A police officer is killed in this country every 2.2 days. This is not a small statistic. In my 10 years as the wife of a police officer it has come close to home on a couple of occasions. My husband goes out every single night and risks his life for people that he doesn't even know. And guess what? He is barely paid for it!! Do you know that he makes around 40,000 a year without overtime? In this day and age that isn't much, and I don't have one friend who makes less than my husband. It is horrible how these officers are paid.

This brings me into another thing. Police Week is coming up. Please pray for all of the families of our fallen officers as they travel to Washington DC to pay tribute to those that paid the ultimate price.

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