Saturday, May 18, 2013

Race Recap- Esprit De She

When I heard about the Esprit De She race, a race for women only, I was only hesitant for a second about signing up.  And that was because the race was a Thursday evening.  I don’t run in the evening and Thursdays are date night.  Well, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up.  Smile  I was only pressured a *little* by my BRF Jess.  So, I told Trishia about it too Winking smile

Trishia refused to wear a tutu.  So we surrounded her with out awesome tutu-ness for the picture LOL  Winking smile

Here’s a picture of my flat mama- so you can see the back of our shirts Winking smile

As we were standing around waiting for the race to start suddenly, out of no where came this ball of happiness exclaiming, “OMG are you Semalee?”  I turned and said, yes…..?  It was Charissa- the chapter leader for the North Houston MRTT!  So cool to meet her in person, and this kind of fast friendship is just what I love so much about Moms Run This Town.  Smile  She was doing the 10K, so she went off to get ready to start, and I didn’t even think to get a picture!  UGH!

The Expo at the Start/Finish Area was pretty nice, we perused the vendors and walked around for a bit.  I have to say I was actually quite surprised that there weren’t more ladies in tutus at the race Smile

We got our traditional pre race pictures and were ready to start…

The race was held in a nice area of town, but it is also a busy area of town, and race start time was during a busy going home time for residents in the area.  I was a little taken aback by all the traffic, and because of the large amount of traffic the officers had to stop the racers a couple of times to let the cars go by.  It didn’t bother me too terribly because I was there for an easy run, no PR goals or anything.  But if I was looking for a PR that would have really irritated me.  We even had a couple of drivers get frustrated enough to start honking at the runners.

This was my first evening race and I was tired.  I had to push myself to keep going, more than usual.  I think I’m not much of an evening runner.  Or I just need to do it more Smile  I race a casual pace of 3/1 with Jess.  Trishia took off and left us in the dust Open-mouthed smile 

As far as the race, I liked it.  I would recommend it to others, for sure.  I found it to be well organized, and full of fun.  I really enjoyed the free mimosa afterwards too Winking smile  They had a nice singer and candles on the tables with table cloths when we got back, and it was a beautiful  night.  I really thought it was a nice touch, it didn’t seem like it was just thrown together, but like they had put thought and effort into the after party.  That doesn’t always happen Smile  Oh- and free photos!

Here are Trishia and Jess….  I must have been snatched by aliens….

I love how happy Jess looks Smile

What’s with the tongue?

One of my favorite pictures.  <3

But seriously, this is the classic one….  What do you do when you’re at an all girls race?  Compare bras, of course!  Who knew there was a photographer standing by????  Caption this!  LOL

And on that note, I’m out!  LOLOLOL

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  1. LOL!!! I love the "show me your sports bra" pic :)


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